to those in need
  • Global Outreach
    Personal Touch
  • Feeding the hungry
    Impacting our world

Feeding the Hungry

Providing food and resources to meet the needs of the poor today, and programs that will prepare them for tomorrow.

Rebuilding Communities

Performing outreach projects, services, and training for the disadvantaged, giving them a second chance.

Supporting Families

Helping families in crisis find hope, connecting them to resources, and showing love to our world.

Our Mission

Preparing, equipping, and supporting people for global outreach impacting our world.


Recruiting and training partners for service opportunities and outreach events around the world


Providing resources and tools to equip service workers to complete targeted initiatives


Maintaining operational support for global initiatives to provide global outreach with a personal touch

Featured Project

Romania Calarasi United: Building a community outreach complex in Romania.


Providing medicine and outreach-focused medical care for the economically disadvantaged.

Sports Outreach

Building character and good health habits through sports training and athletic programs.


Hosting conferences building community leadership, investing in local education, and connecting community resources.